Nike SNKRS Presents: Masters of Air, Vol. 1.

March 26th, 1987 – the day Nike Air Max the line made its debut and started to shape up the sneaker game. That all the way awesome sneaker was the brainchild of Nikes legendary designer Tinker Hatfield, and what is interesting, the Maxes was originally designed as a running shoe and they were the first shoe ever to sport an visible air unit. But later the streetwear game adapted the foot-pampering, cool as hell shoe and now it’s an obsession to many fashion wise people around the globe.

Nike is now releasing a documentary ’Masters of Air’, where Nike SNKRS series showcases nine individuals, to whom Air Max is a way of life, an obsession, a form of self expression. Volume 1 takes us immediately to trip around to world (London-Prague-Mexico-Beijing and so on) and introduces you to these sneaker enthusiasts and gives us the closer look of their collections while they share their thoughts about the whole thing, the chase, the collection and of course what’s still missing…

No matter what their collections look like, they all have one thing in common: a deep passion for Visible Air.

Happy #AirMaxDay2016