Steve Tierney








Steve Tierney is an Australian collage and mixed media artist. He was influenced towards mixed media art and collage at design school by his illustration teacher Peter Powditch, who is also a well respected Australian abstract pop-artist. The teacher encouraged him to explore various materials and techniques, such as different ways of working with negative and positive space and how to use text and words as images creatively. Tierney learned that an artist can use any available materials and techniques and does not have to limit his ideas to a particular way of creating art.

For Tierney creating a collage is a process that starts from an idea or an image, something he wants to visualize or say. Often the work comes from a personal experience or emotion. Sometimes he has a title or theme for the work before starting the process, which influences the types of images used and also directs the whole process.

Many things change in the process of creating the piece and to help the process flow freely he uses words and music. When the process is ready, eyes will meet a clever multidimensional collage full of beautifully cut details.

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