Sabine Remy









German collage artist Sabine Remy is keeping herself busy – she runs her own collage blog with over 1000 posts since since 2012, she continuously collaborates with fellow collagists around the globe and she showcases her works in exhibitions on both sides of Atlantic ocean. She truly lives by her motto: I cut, therefore I am!

In her own words, creativity runs like a golden thread through her life and enters in all areas of life – but her heart is set on the perfect medium for her, collage, she loves how accidentally and unpredictable the art form is.
Her works are based on material she cuts from the magazines and books from the 1960s (and earlier) and then mixes them with more current images. She’s drawn the vintage imagery because they’re often bizarre and moreover very colorful.
Her ensembles are good examples how collaging can be playful and yet very strong and beautiful.

Check out her great blog-portfolio for more works