Beck: Wow

Beck: Wow (lyric video)

I remember how Beck’s “Loser” blew me away when I heard it for the first time back in the days. By the time “Odelay” came out I was totally hooked and gobbled every Beck song and record I could find… But then time passed and I started to grow a part from his discography and all those fun moments faded to memories. He got my attention for a moment with “Sea change”, which is the best soundtrack for Sunday mornings, but then slipped away again.

When I noticed Beck’s new video I got curious, mainly because of its graphic preview but then I saw words “hip-hop” tagged along and my hopes got up. The song is refreshingly good, it takes me back to those carefree teenage years. I definitely want to hear more when the album drops.

Oh, and I love the video, sweet collage cuttings mixed with bold colors and graphic scenery. How could you go wrong with this?

The track “Wow” is taken from Beck’s  yet-to-be-titled album, coming out on October 2016.