Visual temperature






Well this is quite nice, in a Camp Crystal Lake way. Chinese artist Cao Hui has created incredibly realistic and grotesque sculptures that will make you look twice and wish you wake up soon. The Visual Temperature -sculpture series depicts selected familiar everyday objects in totally different light. The series includes an armchair, a couch, a suitcase and punch of wearables like a jacket, gloves and shoes rendered as skin, intestines, fat tissue and flesh, all hanging, drooping and bulging out.

In his artist statement he says that ”It seems artists are no longer happy just being artists, but are driven by their inborn love of performance to try out new roles, such as philosopher, scientist, doctor or perhaps even engineer. I think artists really want to play god more than anything else, and will stop at nothing to construct a truth that validates the self.”

After seeing these, I wonder how he sees God? Nonetheless, the outcome is gruesomely stunning line of influential pieces, created by using mixed materials including resin and fiber.

Via Designboom