Stefan Schneider aka DHS – Dasherrschneider is a collage artist and a graphic designer living and working in Berlin, Germany. During his studies in Dessau he devoted himself to learning as much as possible about Pop-Art and all of its facets. Then inspired by Robert Rauschenberg, Jasper Johns or Mimmo Rotella he started to test his own wings on collaging… And this was 10 years ago.

He says that the collages are the result of his free creative elaboration – a products of a world where everything is possible and allowed and he can be himself. Decollage or collage, abstract or minimalist, one single piece or a whole series – He can never tell what is going to happen; all his works originate from spontaneous ideas. He continuously tries to discover something new every day; otherwise life would be boring and dreary and he doesn’t want to go down a path where he would face the creative end.

You start to recognize his  “dirty” collaging style rather quickly, and I mean “dirty” in the most positive way.  He loves to work analogy and with vintage imagery, he likes to feel the old paper in his hands and then create new graphic formations from already long existed materials. His ensembles are beautiful and haunting scenery from the past telling a forgotten stories and with his very raw cutting style he adds so much depth and power into his, already very strong ensembles.

Now after a decade in the cutting business he states that Dasherrschneider hasn’t reached his goal yet and nor he ever want to.

Check out his impressive portfolio on www.dasherrschneider.de