Walter Paganuzzi

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Walter Paganuzzi is a collage artist based in Milan, Italy. His passion for the collage art burst into flames about five years after coming across the works of Linda Pilati – he was (and still is) mesmerized by this art form which requires no technical requirements to express one’s creativity. He cuts and makes his beautiful collages by hand, and wether the works are simple or complex ensembles, they are build with fiery passion and he serves them always with interesting twist.

For past five year he has been really busy with his art by creating stunning collages, mail art and fanzines and collaborating with many talented artists around the world. Beside doing art, he has done a fair share for keeping the collage art community strong and united, in 2014 he founded Oltre Collage, the Italian collective of collage artists. He parted from Oltre Collage in April 2016 and founded GLI INFORMALI, the international collective of collage artists, which he currently he works with.

His art works have been showcased in various solo and group exhibitions galleries and art spaces across Italy and Europe.

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