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Antonio Occulto is an Italian painter and collage artist based in Stavanger, Norway. His artistic path started in 2003 in Parma,Italy. In the beginning he studied and learned the profession and technical know-how at his mentor’s and friend’s, Alberto Reggianini’s studio. Occulto’s early works consisted of large sized papers created with wax bitumen, ink and coffee, and then glued on unrefined canvases. In 2008 he executed  “Heads” project, which focused on the shape of heads seen as different landscapes. In the project every head was made mainly with oil colors and without the paintbrushes, instead he used his hands and finger tips.

Since 2009 his artistic focus has been on handmade collages – No Google prints, no digital work, just and only paper collages, build mostly from the materials he founds and cuts from vintage magazines and books. And he often mixes coffee and acrylic into the collages to add expression. In his own words, his style can be described as “minimal decadentism”, with work processes driven by impulsiveness, memories and introspection. The outcome is strong line of mixed media ensembles that combines together certain rawness and interesting storytelling.

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