Curt Harbits









Some time ago we received interesting submission from an American Curt Harbits. This Pennsylvania based collage artist was a completely new acquaintance for me, but when I flipped thru his portfolio I was quickly impressed by his simple, form based style – His collages are built interestingly around basic/traditional shapes to give certain effortless feeling and then finished with beautiful retro-like color scenery.

Over the course of this past year, he has shifted his focus to making hand cut paper collage. The works began as reference for drawings and paintings, but, he developed a deeper fondness for the collages and the process itself. Now, he follows wherever the next page takes him.

His collages symbolises lifetime of fascination with books and magazines.  The printed pages in your hand, the glossy , faded photos of far away places, the lure of chance… The pieces begin as clippings which are hand cut in random batches. They are joined together by color and spatial relationships, a narrative unfolds as the pieces come together. In the end, he says he wants to establish a good quality graphic design that satisfies the eye and hopefully, the mind as well.
And he succeeds.

Check out his site for more of these visual treats