CA Simmons









How anyone could create such an ingeniously haunting and dirty art collages? This was my first thought when I first time came across with CA Simmon’s collages on instagram.

With his work, he constructs images, first by de-constructing them – Instead of cutting the pieces with scissors and using tape or glue he tears all the pieces by hand and then staples everything together to create very intense and raw, nightmarish compositions. He thinks of each ripped section, and each staple as a scar, which we all carry in some form or another, through just simply being alive. His only goal is to try and convey that at the end of the day, we are all just barely hanging on by our fingernails.

He says says that he constantly keep in mind that not only is everything in flux, but also in decline. From the moment something is born, or created, it begins to decay. Everything man-made is in what he likes to refer to as De-Evolution. Every building, bridge, all infrastructure is slowly, yet unavoidably falling apart. Every painting, photograph and sculpture will one day cease to exist.

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