Philadelphia, USA born & raised Eellsone is one interesting creative. He currently focuses on collage, watercolour and abstract painting and one hand he creates intriguingly beautiful collages and paints great abstracts and then other hand, he mixes those two fields together by combining the collages on those wildly painted backgrounds to create even strong and powerful ensembles. Personally I’m a sucker for this kind mixed media works.

When talking about the process behind all this chaos&beauty, he says that he makes stuff because it’s like therapy – creating keeps him sane. At the end of the day this is what he is truly passionate about. Since he has become a dad he has been utilising his time and taking his work more seriously, but his initiative is still the same which is to make things look cool. He’s consistently trying to progress with technique and develop his style. When he talks about his works he says that there isn’t any deep back story or super in depth reason for why he does what he does, but he likes to involve certain elements in his works, like humour, colour and balance. For him it’s fun and challenging and if he can get someone to look at his work for 10 seconds it’s a success. And trust me, you’ll look longer than that.

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