Olivia Descampe: Botanical Catwalk

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Olivia Descampe, Botanical Catwalk -series.

This time we want to showcase you the beautifully delicate Botanical Catwalk -collage series by Berlin, Germany based collage artist Olivia Descampe. From the selection to the actual assembling of the piece she keeps her workflow totally analog and chooses not to interfere with any digital tools, which gives her work a certain organic feeling.

In her own words, the series focuses on the female figure in synergy with nature and the loss of identity. She cuts and layers retro fashion and botanical imagery creating an interesting work of art with a particular vision of beauty. This combination of two completely recognizable elements merging into a new meaning without necessarily erasing their original content is a key factor in her research and working process. The simplicity of the process itself is a harmonious balance between selecting and collecting the images before cutting and pasting them into a whole new context. By doing so an image that may seem very banal at first transforms itself.

Do yourself a favour and check more of her amazing works at oliviadescampe.com