Nicola Kloosterman









It was just early 2016 when Nicola Kloosterman, a collage artist/designer/printmaker from Netherlands, started to play around with collaging and she haven’t stopped cutting since. After while she started to share her beautiful ensembles on Instagram and one thing lead to another and in January 2017 she hosted her first solo show in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

She uses a lot of female imagery in her works and then mixes nature, body parts, vintage and contemporary images beautifully into something totally new. She told us that she sees her works very instinctive and tries not to get too stuck in a single style and having said that, looking back she do notice recurring themes and trends. During the actual creating process the narrative reveals itself, so she like to see herself more as an explorer than as a maker – while cutting and pasting these oneway very simple and ethereal, yet strong works, she cuts away the bits she don’t like and recycle what she does into a new context. The way a new story ‘appears’ just by putting some papers together makes her extremely happy, she says.

“Just sitting in my own paper cut world makes me happy.”

She continues that she has been lucky to get some illustration commissions during the past year and hopes to get many more this year. She would love to do more editorial work, book covers or promotional work – and having said that, just sitting in her own paper cut world makes her happy.

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