Cults of life #6: Cult leaders









The tale of the Cult started back in August 2014 after the editor, collage artist Niko Vartiainen, had participated on a couple of zine projects and wanted to try to create his own – And now we introduce the Cults of life #6: Cult leaders. 

Three years and five issues after the first issue, the magical number 6 upgrades Cults of Life from the zine form to boss-level publication. Like with the previous issues, each issue gets a theme and the artists create two works (pages) around the given theme. The elementary idea of the zine since the start was that all the participating artists will be selected thru open calls, anyone can submit and only the works matter. And now the thickest yet sixth issue contains whopping 92 pages of an incredible collage talent around the world, with 36 artist features and 4 artist interviews.

Stay tuned for more, there’s an issue 7 coming…

Publication details – Cults of life #6: Cult leaders

A5 format, 92 pages, released in January 2017.
Curated and edited by Niko Vartiainen.
Available on Etsy