Mikill Skugga









This time we’d like to introduce you Polish, but currently Brooklyn, New York based collage artist who works under the pseudonym Mikill Skugga, which by the way means more or less, Big Shadow.

For years she was working as a photographer and journalist and most of her works existed only online. After hours in front of a computer screen Mikill wanted to do something that’s eliminates technology, something she could create and touch with her own hands. As she told us, she had a bad memories from her Art Academy, when collages were seen as a childish practice, so even if she enjoyed making them, she quit it for a photography. Luckily she meet a great collage artist on her way and he bring back this technique to her life. Step by step she build her own language and aesthetic.

Mikill’s style is very raw and minimalistic. Her works are always composed by just two clippings. With simple cuttings and clever composing she creates powerful and intense ensembles which represent her thoughts and views about relations and dynamics of feelings between people, and between people and nature. For Mikill, making collages is like writing a poem or a story when you are using words that you didn’t create, but you make it yours by putting them in a certain order.

Be sure to check out Mikill’s stunning online portfolio at mikillskugga.com