Interview: George Raftopoulos


First the basic introduction – can you tell us who are you, what are you doing, where are you coming from?

I am a maker of images from Sydney Australia and I make imagery by any means possible.

Why painting? What is it that inspires you to paint what you paint?

Painting is part of the process I create imagery from anything possible I draw and sculpt however painting seems to be the paramount vehicle for me at present. For me it’s more of a feeling feather than being conscious about what it is I do I get up and just do.

How would you describe your painting style? You have very recognisable style, how you quickly you found your ”style”?

It’s me it’s cheeky it holds a ‘fuckyouism’ to the world and the establishment…I don’t create work to be pretty rather it should hit one over the head with a multitude of questions. I work and re-work surfaces until the surface screams with information and history.

When you begin to work a new piece, do you have a clear vision what you are going to do or where to start?

Never for me to have pre-plans is death… for me the road to creating a work is a journey! This is why I am addicted to it… day after day it is a ludicrous proposition however it resonates with me as I load it with personal meaning and language and lucky for me it seems to resonate with people across the world… I think in essence people see the truth in the work as it holds a no bullshit attitude.


How critical you are about your works, how easy/hard is to finish your works? During the creating process, is there any singular part where you find yourself often struggling?

I am my own worst critic I have to be otherwise their is no point…I may as well create pretty pictures…however I am not about this..for me a successful painting is where I destroy only to rebuild the imagery-history again…I demand the truth out of each work and I am a known masochist and sometimes if works feel contrived I destroy them…

What connection do you have to your work? While creating if you make an ”error” on a piece, a stroke or line you don’t like etc, how do you react? Do you make a compromises what comes to those ”errors” or are you chasing the absolute perfection and always correct them?

Compromise is death! One must always dance in the face of difficulty as this is where magic is created….there is no such thing as mistakes as each stroke or intention is always leading one to the end result this is part of the journey persae….the sum of all parts.


What are you trying to communicate with your art?

Truth period and have no fear one needs to look within and I encourage viewers to be brave…these works are not for the feint of heart!

How important is the meaning you believe a piece of art has to you? Do you want your viewers to understand or know why you made your art?

Absolutely however for me to convey what I am feeling exactly at that moment of creation is impossible! Therefore I want the viewer to connect at any level…

What drives you forward as an artist?

The constant pursuit to express in a language that connects with the populous for whatever reason… connection is key otherwise there’s no point!

If you should describe your art with one word, what would it be?


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