At the Hammer Museum

This is just too good to not to post this…

Few days ago I came across with brilliant video where Will Ferrell and Joel McHale join curator Aram Moshayedi for a tour of Hammer Museums latest exhibition. And what makes everything about this even more perfect, I found the video at Hammer Museum’s own  youtube-channel.

The currently ongoing exhibition which the actors get familiar with, “Stories of Almost Everyone”, is about the willingness to believe the stories that are conveyed by works of contemporary art.

One hand the video is just funny Will Ferrel clip, but other hand it’s an amazing example of great marketing video where the museum dares to present themselves and the art works which the basic viewer wouldn’t necessarily “understand” thru the certain self-ironic way… And still, after all the laughs, the video left me wondering the question – what is or what makes things art?

Oh, but how I love the self-irony!!