Berlin Kidz: Fuck the System

Berlin and Germany seems to be quite hot place what comes to graffiti movement and various crews. In May, I posted about 1UP crew and their latest photobook and now, while I was marveling around the internet I came across with the Berlin Kidz and their latest adventures…

Now introduced “Fuck the System” is an hour long graffiti movie by notorious wild bunch the  Berlin Kidz, which was released in summer 2018. The film is very direct and unconditional portrayal of the crew spreading their marks around the city landscape. It also offers you a change to witness the living behind those recognizable large scale graffiti pieces; feeling alienated from the basic hamster wheel life, “love” for the police, endless location scouting, planning and sketching… And then there are some really gnarly scenes where the guys with harnesses are ready to drop down from the roof in the middle of the night with the ropes attached around the smokestack.

The Kidz are young and tight group who take everything they got to the next level – wether they’re breaking in the attics for the passageway on the roofs and doing full house tall pieces while abseiling tens of meters down or bouncing football while train surfing on rush hours.

If you are even a bit interested in graffiti, do yourself a favor and watch the whole thing. Here’s a direct Youtube -link.