Menace Beach – Black Rainbow Sound

Menace Beach ft. Brix Smith – Black Rainbow Sound

British Indie rock duo Menace Beach have put out a such cool collage art music video for the title track of their 2018 album ‘Black Rainbow Sound’. I came across the video on Instagram, when the videos animator, collagist and visual effect artist Sara Serna shared a teaser on her feed. She’s not a new acquaintance to me and she have been featured on Toombes back in 2016 when I started the art blog.

Videos strong, all black and white, cut and paste scenery with fast paced tempo goes beautifully together with the song and you can clearly see Sara’s signature “touch” on the video with all those analog vintage art collage cutouts and pencil doodles. Whole thing is amazing yet very trippy 3 minutes and 30 seconds.