The Daughters of Northern Darkness

Few days ago I came across of something that I think is more than perfect for this post-Easter time of a year…

“I want a patch, let’s buy some merch – ok sounds good, but first let’s burn the church”

This is an imaginary advert of something that everyone who have ever tipped their toes in the lake of heavy music would need – a Black metal Barbie. Until now the life of the perfect blonde has seemed to be an endless pool party under the palm trees with a soundtrack full of generic upbeat pop tunes. But now Gwenmarie White, a Metalhead Valley Girl introduces us the less familiar side of the 50 year old , world famous IT girl –  The Black Metal Barbie is much more down the earth than we’ve used to see her. She wears t-shirts and less glittery makeup, plays guitar, is an animal lover and likes to spend time with her friends in the nature (dark forest).

The whole concept is just perfect and while watching, pay attention to the lyrics – they are pure gold.

Check out Gwenmarie’s homepage for more