Adam Stoves

Adam Stoves is an interesting abstract collage artist currently living and working in Brooklyn, NY. He uses collage as his primary medium and when he described his artistic relationship to paper, I was mesmerized – He states brilliantly that the common nature of paper allows the quotidian to become extraordinary. Paper is culture’s medium of choice for revolution, for testament, and, indeed, for waste. It runs the gamut from humanity’s most treasured artifacts to its most trampled-on debris. Paper’s ubiquitous nature is ripe as a method of subversion or directness, both with value.

Now introduced his abstract collages degrade and then reassemble commonplace forms liberated of context, a sort of shifty mimesis. In his artist statement he mentions that the works aspire for balance between reverence and scrap; between form and the formless; between familiar and hazy. I’m fascinated by the certain prevailing chaotic structures in his works – that indefinite feeling that challenges to your focus and then drown into them. I like that by using only the black and white color scheme, or keeping the color usage very minimalistic, he highlights that atmosphere.

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