This time the artist feature takes me to Indonesia – Now introduced graphic designer and collage artist Faisal Akbar is a currently studying at the Indonesian Institute of Arts, Yogyakarta. His first touch to collages was while he was at the university started to combine paper collaging to paintings to create mixed media art. Since then he has moved forward into deep caves of collaging and now he is building them digitally.

He says that he uses the composition of shapes and colors to create the visual object he desires – the cutting and composing the ensembles are the best parts of the whole creative process. His collages are very illustrative and surreal with a strong influence from pop art. He mixes beautifully the imagery of human anatomy, botanical and animals to create the surreal visual foundation and then blends the entity with soft, poppy colors to compensate for the complicated and detailed visualizations.
The stories in his art works are usually related to social issues that are happening around him, fashion editorial and music. He hopes many people enjoy his artworks and he wants to create pieces in which stories are easy to understand but are still complex and visually rich.

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