Rhed Fawell

Edinburgh, Scotland based, I call her now paper artist, Rhed Fawell creates stunning and very organic collage ensembles. Her multilayered works come together beautifully piece after piece from image mixture of humans, nature and the machinery. Every element has a symbolic purpose in relation to each other, creating fragile stories. And by not flatting the image and leaving all the edge and layers roughly loose and using the extra materials such as strings, she highlights the prevalent analog and vintage tone.

In her works, she wants to explore the hidden and murky sides of life, yet attempting to maintain a poetic quality. Building up deeply on her own experiences and society in general, both past and present, her beautiful collages seeks to explore the sense of unknowing in a constantly shifting world. She told me that at times her work may appear dark, but she always strives to keep the sense of hope planted somewhere under the certain unexplainable melancholy.

Besides being a talented artist and showcased her creations in various art shows, she has been pushing the medium forward since 2015 as a founder of Edinburgh Collage Collective.

Visit her website www.rhed.co.uk for more.