Albert Einstein showed that space and time are relative: everything depends on the observer´s point of view. So inspired by the Relativity Theory, the imaginary spaces and impossible stairs of Escher, the Penrose Stairs, the lack of gravity and concepts such as parallel universes, now introduced Paula Nuñez Bancalari, Chilean architect graduated and collage artist, explores brilliantly architectural spaces through analog collage.

Her works are a mesmerizing, almost dreamlike mixture of structures and environments. She builds the entity from different, recognizable architectural elements and then mixes and twists the dimensions and the horizon until the outcome is something what you can marvel for so long – And just when you think you get a hang of it, your brains clitch. Love it.

She has been part of a collage collective Inconsciente Colectivo since 2016 and together they have participated in different exhibitions and art fairs, such as Aqua Art Miami 2017, FAXXI 2019 and Spectrum Miami 2019.

Do yourself a favor and check out her Instagram @paulanunezbancalari for more!