Clashing Squirrel

This French collagist artist is a very familiar artist to me thru the Cults of Life zine and now I wanted to showcase her over here.

Clashing Squirrel has been developing her a rather minimalist style since 2017. And just like in alchemy where with the right ingredients anything is possible, she uses only a few elements to build these stunning and a bit haunting collages. I love how she has developed a style which isn’t necessary a horror-like or gory but her works have such a cool, prevailing dark atmosphere through out the line.

The analog collage and found second-hand imagery is her way to showcase the love for flea markets, old books, and photographs. She told me that she uses the medium to express one’s voice without words and at the same time as a means to quiet the mind, as well as tuning into it. It’s her way to tap into the chaotic, creative part of the brain, the whirlwind of imagination and conjure up the lurking poetic, dreamlike, weird, or even the haunting worlds in a form of a beautiful cut paper.

Continue to her instagram, @clashing.squirrel for more of this.