Ricardo Vivallo

It has been ten years now since Ricardo Vivallo started systematically making collages. This Chile-based artist started collaging as a game with friends, as a way of killing time while drinking beer, and then little by little, it turned into almost daily practice. And good that it did. I love his art and how his rough and all over the place storytelling style mixed together with good source materials creates handmade collage works that make you glimpse a few times until you see ”it”. He brilliantly camouflages the red lines under the prevailing hectic feeling and even some time very abstract surfaces.

He told me about how the collaging as a task has always been quite a free process for him; an exercise on improvisation, and at the same time, some sort of therapeutic practice for canalizing anxieties and certain obsessions. In his hands a bunch of old magazines and books picked up from the streets, gifts from friends, sporadic purchases in flea markets, and unexpected findings turn into building blocks that he uses to craft his puzzle-like ensembles. And his interest for collage has always been in its possibilities as a conjunction of these odd elements. And in my eye, the same brilliant randomness is constantly present in his works.

Check out his IG, @ricardovivallo, for more of this brilliance!