Interview: DruCollage

First the basic introduction – Can you tell me who are you, what are you doing, where are you coming from?

I’m DruCollage. I make minimal paper collages, but I’m trying to break out of that and explore new ideas with the use of many pieces of paper. I’m from Lomita Ca, but I recently moved to Alhambra Ca with my girlfriend Celeste and our black cat Jellybean.

What makes you to do collages? What excites you about in the art form?

I’m obsessed with collage. It totally consumes me. I don’t want to call it a creative urge or impulse but whatever it is that’s inside me, it needs to be fed. It’s constantly on my mind, when I rest my head every night it’s the last thing I think about before I fall asleep. The thing that excites me the most I would say is the idea of taking preexisting images, cutting out what you find interesting, and blending those images together to form something unique and worth looking at. Aside from the creative aspect, it’s really exciting and rare to discover a new collage artist that brings something completely original to the table. Too many copycats out there.

“No book is safe and no book is sacred. I love the feeling of gutting a book and leaving its carcass at my feet.”

What are your favorite source materials? How do you find them? Do you spend much time while looking for them?

I really enjoy using old photo tutorial magazines from the 1940s and 50s. “How to shoot the female figure” etc. Any unique or rare books with beautiful imagery really. No book is safe and no book is sacred. I love the feeling of gutting a book and leaving its carcass at my feet. Pre-Covid lameness, Id visit the local libraries book sales. The discarded books are really cheap and the old ladies who volunteer make homemade cookies and treats. Free coffee too. It’s was the only day out of the month I’d wake up before noon. I’ve spent so much time on this earth going through book after book looking, searching, dreaming.

Can you describe your relationship and fascination to old paper as a working material?

I’m really drawn to the delicate nature of it and how fragile the paper can be. It can easily tear at any moment’s notice especially when applying glue or adhesive to it. I love the idea of having to be gentle to create something that can become brutal. Also the colors, I get lost in them.

In your artworks, what are the most important things/elements to yourself?

Wow tough question. Being original is everything to me. Of course, I’ve borrowed and have been influenced by certain collage artists I admire. But I try to keep it my own. I mean what’s the point of expressing yourself with someone else’s dreams?

Your collages are like surreal paintings, same time really fragile and beautiful and then haunting – What emotions do you think your works transmit for the viewer?

That’s a really beautiful compliment. Damn. Thank you. My work is kind of dark by nature. I’m trying to break your heart just to remind you, that you have one.

How important is the meaning you believe a piece of art has to you? Do you want your viewers to understand or know why you made your art?

As artists, it’s not really up to us. We can create something that we might hold dear to our hearts or put a lot of blood, sweat, and tears into and it may not be well received. And then there are times when you create something instantaneous and effortless, something you might think isn’t your best work and the people give it their highest praise. As for the 2nd part of this question I just want my work to be a reminder that even though this would is full of lameness, there’s still some of us out here trying to put in work and make it a lil less lame.

How easy or hard is to finish your works? Do you ever get burnt out on a piece, and what do you do to keep working and being productive?

I get burnt out all the time. As a patient as I am, I can get easily frustrated as well. I have no organizational skills whatsoever. So I’m always looking for that last misplaced piece of the puzzle(collage). I’ve spent 3 hours looking for a quarter-inch flower petal, among the endless scraps on my desk, floor, trash. To stay productive I take cigarette breaks and drink lots of ice coffee.

Do you observe your development as an artist, when was the last time you had an AHA -moment while collaging and what was it?

There’s definitely a natural progression that I’m aware of. I look back at my early work and it’s embarrassing. That might sound harsh or whatever but I was pretty insecure as an artist back then, I still am at times. But most of my close friends are rad, Supportive passionate, selfless, working artists that believe in me and my art, and that gives me all the confidence and love I need to do what I do. I haven’t had an aha moment in quite some time. But I still get a good feeling inside when I put a collage together and it just goes my way.

If you should describe your art with one word, what would it be?


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