Printed tales pt. V

th ink 2 – Objectextion

{th ink} is an independent publication focusing on an analog collage with an emphasis on text. They did an open call for artists for the issue 2 “Objectextion” where the theme was to study the relationship between objects and text – only analog collages without including faces or body parts. The final, beautifully designed 80paged publication delivers a very impressive lineup of international collage talent, like {THS}, Lee McKenna, Fred Free, Zach Collins, Laurie Kanyer just to name a few from the 37 participants. Editor Aaron Beebe has pushed the envelope even further and edited each artists info/title page to mimic the main collage.

This is such solid gold collage publication.

15×23 cm with 80 pages, April 2020.
Edited and curated by Aaron Beebe.

Rhed Fawell – Cabin Fever, book one

During spring 2020 almost the whole world fell into COVID-related lockdown piece by piece. And the same thing happened in Scotland but artist Rhed Fawell didn’t fell into the void but turned the isolation into something very cool. Aptly named zine, Cabin Fever Series, deliveries 26 stunning mixed media collages she created through the months of March to July when Scotland was in its first lockdown.

A5 format with 28 pages, 2020.
Edited by Rhed Fawell.

Defaced #3 – Red Zone

Before this, this brilliantly titled zine, Defaced was a relatively new acquaintance for myself. Issue 3 titled ”Red zone” delivers a cool selection of interesting collaging by 20 artists from 9 countries. The UK based zine is edited and curated by collage artist Olivia Browne.

A5 format with 24 pages, May 2020.
Edited and curated by Olivia Browne.

46pgs #1

46pgs introduces itself as a magazine with a graphic heart. It has cool music interviews, Napalm Death, Ramstein, etc and the content is good but I have to say that the editor Nevio Buzov has put together something that fascinates you beyond the content. Magazine’s supergraphic layout and all over the place design direction reminds me of the days I got into graphic design and collaging and saw something wildly chaotic and messy like this. Delivering spread after spread of amazing, twisted brain-melting visuals, 46pgs would make Kurt Cobain and other fellows from Seattle feel embarrassed for not being this grunge.
Can’t wait to see issue 2.

22,5 x 22,5cm with 56 pages, 2020.
Editor Nevio Buzov.
Published by Bob G Publishers.