Behind the moniker Nomadecollage, you find a Belgium-born artist who is currently living and working in Portugal. He creates collages that examine the different faces of human beings. He tells me that he loves to alter them, as a way of questioning their personality and attitudes by digging out the unseen sides – Destroy the paper to rebuild, decontextualize and the creation can begin.

I love his minimalist approach to the subjects and turning the original concept upside down effortlessly. He describes his works as a surrealist with a subtle dose of reality, and since the first glance at his works, I couldn’t miss noticing the prevailing sociological dialogue on his creations – sometimes the message is super provocatively and on sight, and sometimes hidden underneath. Either way, I love it.

He has been living his life with paper and cutting tools for several years creating and exhibiting his brilliant collage work in several Belgian and Portuguese galleries. He told me that he loves meeting people from different worlds, debating and exchanging points of view.

Go and follow his IG for more, @nomadecollage