Interview: Andreas Kühn

First few basic questions, who are you, what are you doing, where are you coming from?

My name is Andreas Kühn, I was born in Lutherstadt Wittenberg (Germany) in 1966 and I also live and work here. Since the beginning of 2017, I have dedicated myself entirely to creating collages, and before that, I worked as a media designer for many years.

How did you start to do collages?

In 2013 I started to work with photography, traditional printing techniques like cyanotype, and other forms of artistic expression. In doing so, I discovered the art form of collage for myself and began to work intensively with it. I quickly recognized that the grotesque and at the same time harmonious combination of different materials, which obviously don’t go together, suits me very much. Since I quickly learned to appreciate and love the creative process that goes hand in hand with creating a collage, I never let go of this art form and so collage after collage emerged.

What’s the best part of the collaging process?

I like the randomness in creating my collages. I like how an idea I have when I start collage evolves and changes to become something I love.

And then, what’s the hardest part?

I find it the most difficult thing to finish a collage as I often have the feeling that it is not quite finished.

What are your favorite source materials? How do you find them? Do you spend much time while looking for them?

I spend a fair amount of time looking for materials for my collages. As a source, I use everything there is, but mostly the internet. I never look specifically for materials but collect everything that comes on my way and that I could perhaps use in my opinion.

Do you work on multiple pieces at the same time or simply focus on one? How long it takes you to finish work?

I only work on one collage at a time. Only when the current collage is finished do I start thinking about the next one. Often it takes one or two days until one of my collages is finished. But it also happens that I only work on a collage for one day but sometimes five days, that’s very different.

What’s your personal favorite work? What makes it stand out?

My favorite work is always the one that I have just finished.

What inspires you and your works? And how does that inspiration show up in your works?

As a rule, a picture or part of a picture that I see inspires me to create a collage with it.

What keeps you collaging? What excites you about it?

I just need to create collages because I love the creative process which in my opinion is unparalleled.

If you should describe your art with one word, what would it be?


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