Johanna Lawner

Now it’s time to take a trip to Gothenburg, Sweden, and enjoy the beautiful artworks of the collage artist Johanna Lawner.

I asked her about herself as an artist and she told me a cool story about how, ever since being a kid she has played with old magazines, glue, and scissors. For her, it was a way to untangle her head and she never thought about it to be art. She continued how she has tried painting and sculpture, but they weren’t the right mediums for her. She just felt stuck. But whenever she is in her kitchen with magazines and glue, all that matters is the light, composition, and story that her cuttings are creating – It’s freedom and power.

In her collages, although she doesn’t use that many, sometimes just two pieces, still the works form stunning entities if you know what I try to say – the base image and the cutout can be totally from different worlds but still, the outcome is utter and “whole”. This thing how she uses just the right kind of pieces to build up amazing compositions and stories was the thing that caught my eye the first time I came across her works.

Go and follow her IG, @linjefabriken, for more!