Jessica Harrison

I bet you have seen some of these porcelain dolls around the internet in different art and design blogs. Now introduced artist, Jessica Harrison lives and works in Edinburgh, Scotland, and in her works the traditional porcelain figurines ”get makeovers” so to speak – some meet their gory end and some get their skin heavily tattooed. Things like these porcelain figurines are familiar from childhood and it’s fascinating how easily they step over and adjust to the gory world of horror. When you stare at these, you feel like they’re just like they have always been no matter how mutilated they’re.

She exhibits her works internationally and is represented in numerous collections, both public and private, including the Princesshof Ceramic Museum (Leeuwarden), the University of Edinburgh Art Collection (Edinburgh), Pallant House Gallery (Chicester), the Royal Scottish Academy (Edinburgh) and the New Art Gallery Walsall (Walsall).

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