Petri Suni is a multidisciplinary creative, illustrator, graphic design teacher, and visual artist to name his escapades, living and working in Helsinki, Finland. I love how his abstract collages explode in front of your eyes yet the stories are vailed on a hazy atmosphere. I tried to think how to describe them and I think they are very dream-like, you know, subconscious paintings when you just let the brush flow on the canvas and reveal the hidden entity. And another thing that I’ve liked about his works since the first time I saw, is his usage of colors, he doesn’t hold back and you cannot hide from the color storm that hits you.

He told me how the collages and abstract works are a world that has swallowed him completely. With the mediums, he is able to face visual challenges that conventional work assignments often do not offer. They are like visual sudoku, where the rules have to be created again and again. Collages and abstracts are an effective way to develop composition skills, and making collages in particular has taught him to better listen to the process and the surprises it offers.
He mainly works digitally because it is faster and offers more technical possibilities. On the other hand, he admits to enjoying the concreteness of analog work.

Check out his IG @petri57art for more