Quick Hello Fred Free

Quick hello Fred, can you tell a bit about yourself?

I’m Fred Free, I live in the US, and I’ve been documenting through collage and photos for the last twenty-five-plus years after working in architecture and commercial illustration.

What are you doing/working on at this moment?

Nothing special or different from most other moments. See, read, hear, imagine, react, collect, connect, document, and share. Cut, paste, post, cut, paste, post. Almost every day.

What inspires you the most at this moment?

At this moment – today – it’s twenty-three new-old magazines and four vintage scrapbooks purchased on eBay, Twitter follies, the recent US election, changing weather, and some tiny human figures given to me by my son.

What’s your favorite personal work at this moment?

The piece I’m working on at any given moment is always my favorite so today it’s “realm of cleaving”.

Any future plans/happenings you want to share?

A new collage book and a few re-issues of older titles. Probably.

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