Meet Olga Nikiforova, a self-taught collage artist from Uzbekistan, currently residing in Cameroon. With a background as a French teacher and psychologist, she spent the last 12 years exploring the world alongside her husband and three children, living in various countries like Kyrgyzstan, Laos, the Solomon Islands, and Cameroon. These global experiences have deeply impacted her life, igniting her creativity.

Collage became Olga’s outlet for storytelling, allowing her to express the rich cultural layers she encountered during her travels. Through her art, she delves into psychological and social aspects of human existence, touching on themes like loneliness, inner growth, and how external events shape one’s inner world.
Olga’s collages often emerge spontaneously, guided by intuitive compositions rather than a predefined plan. She follows the direction of lines and plot development, letting the artwork’s internal logic guide her. These compositions bring to light emotions and experiences that may go unnoticed in daily life. In her works, Olga showcases her love for collage technique, playing with angles, and meanings. She enjoys adding a touch of provocation and unexpected twists, presenting the obvious in an entirely new way. Sometimes, she enhances her collages with hand or machine stitching, adding a unique flair to her creations and captivating viewers with her distinctive style.

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