This time Toombes wants to introduce you relatively fresh collage enthusiast and illustrator known as Javi “Arxavin” González, who hails from Algeciras, Spain. With a lifelong passion for drawing, he began formal art education in 2013, attending painting and drawing classes, which led to the discovery of artist books as a means of creating new visual narratives. Maintaining a continuous connection with drawing, he made a life-changing decision in 2020, leaving a previous career to focus on illustration. During this artistic journey, a missing element was felt – a genuine means of self-expression. It wasn’t until the summer of 2023 that Arxavin stumbled upon the art of collage, a discovery that felt like unlocking a door to free-flowing creativity.

Arxavin’s collage creations do not follow a preset script. Instead, each piece begins with an idea or a basic concept. Characters are carefully chosen to bring the narratives to life, akin to casting actors for a theatrical performance. Sometimes, the process initiates with a single image possessing unique strength, and the stories evolve around it. It’s as if the images themselves choose him to craft narratives, resulting in the spontaneous creation of collage art.
He takes delight in the role of a storyteller through collage, encouraging viewers to ask questions and construct their own narratives. He said poetically to be an illustrator in search of a distinctive artistic voice.

Check out Arxavin’s IG, @arxavin_ilustrador, for more!