Kit Clark

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American folk artist, Kit Clark first caught my attention while marveling thru Instagram and then more I dived into his collage works, more he got me hooked. His vibrant collaging style and interesting usage of patterns fueled with his design philosophy creates one way very clear and beautiful yet clever compositions, which are, in my nordic eye, dripping the essence of americana.

He says that he is inspired most by the patterns and designs in nature and by the psychedelic experience. Wether he is adding artifice to nature, reforming it into abstract nouveau and finding balance in asymmetrical information, or if he is expanding on americana to explore and illustrate the psychedelic, dark, wholesome, nostalgic americana of artists like Norman Rockwell, his aim is to first communicate with himself through vision and composition and re-construction, and then to point towards nature and an illuminated path for the secondary viewer – a cycle of hopeful inspiration.

“At this moment in our culture, collage is the most prevalent form of folk art.”

He continues that he is of the opinion that at this moment in our culture, collage is the most prevalent form of folk art. Creative expression is abundant more than ever with the simplest techniques, up to the higher abstract theory of art. Working with paper has been a series of events that put him in the medium, more than he by it, it sort of decided on him. Collage is good self-expression in all forms, use what you have, find paper pieces discarded by other humans, re-form them into a personal vision.

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