Glue heads vol 03









When I got a copy of Glue Heads vol3 on my hands, I almost broke my jaw when it fell on the floor. Vol 03 is an amazingly designed and edited publication that cleverly captures the hectic essence of the art of the collage. I thought I was prepared for the hurricane that lurked beneath the beautiful cover but I wasn’t… Immediately from the page one the visual chaos billowed on my eyes. First all of it seemed almost too chaotic to handle but when I kept myself calm and remembered to breath, I started to see thru the storm – there is a deep and blazing love for collaging, that understands and allows the works live their own lives yet still ties the entirety beautifully together. Highly recommended!

Zine is curated and edited  by French, currently Berlin based curator/artist Anelor Robin who has curated for many galleries and festivals in France and Berlin.  As a curator, she sees the exhibitions as a massive collage of different artistic elements. Regardless of the origin, age, or medium of the works, she considers it her obligation (and pleasure) to find the best possible permeation of artists and artworks. As a lover of collage, she enjoys finding new artists from around the world and imagining how their work could be best combined with the work of their contemporaries. She says that our culture tends to put people in boxes which can be difficult to escape, therefore it has always been her curatorial aim to bring together artists who would normally never meet. She finds it simultaneously to be the most surprising and satisfying method of organizing group exhibitions. Collage, to her reasoning, is the base of all art and creation.

Anelor started “GlueHeads” in 2014 as a wandering contemporary collage project where new collaborative works are created by handpicked Berlin and international artists. The core concept and process of GlueHeads is: One Day, One Exhibition, One Zine. GlueHeads was created to promote and encourage artists through the circulation and propagation of works and to create entirely new works in a spontaneous and collective environment from shared materials – build artist communities and engage galleries with collage. Every GlueHeads session and session is held in a different gallery with different artists in order to make every exhibition/zine unique and to keep the concept fresh. During the daytime artists create their works in the gallery which will be shown to the audience at the end of the day and then that will eventually comprise the next edition of the GlueHeads zine.

Long live the Glue Heads, long live the collage nation!

Publication details – Glue Heads vol 03

Volume 03 features Jorge Chamarro, Dirk Naguschewski, Caro Mantke, Taher Mhamdi, Anelor Robin, Stefan Schneider, Lydia Mojzis, Claude Eigan, Gaby Bila-Günther, Marco Goldenstein.

Limited to 50 copies, released in November 2015.
Curated and edited by Anelor Robin.