Bill Noir









This time we have a very interesting artist to introduce, Bill Noir from Strasbourg, France. This multi-talent keeps feeding his creative needs with various outputs, he’s a collage artist, pinhole photographer, silkscreen printer, super 8 movie maker, and then there is the Mékanik Copulaire, an independent publishing house he runs, which publishes and promotes fanzines, graphic zines and books.

We are here to talk about his collages… When you start to marvel thru his works, you will quickly notice a certain kind of beautiful randomness that ties his ensembles together, specially his compositing and layering style makes them, and him, stand out from the crowd. In his own words his collages are the result of wandering – the relation between research, recycling and collection of images and unique books. He says that he spends time classifying, clearing the disorder on his desk, and it becomes a laboratory, a library, a meeting area of infinite possibilities. Collages as a medium gives him the opportunity to share the wonder he feels for textures and colors that printed materials from the 20th century can present. It’s by associating, by comparing and by confronting images from various sources that the sense of the composition becomes a committed act that can be brutal: the scream that emerge from sleeping magazines, the underlying message that progress through the collective unconscious. Today, his collages are more abstract and in constant metamorphosis. He also adapts his compositions to silkscreen printing by creating a series of engravings.

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