Jack Samels: Vessels









Jack Samels, Vessels -series.

Jack Samels is a 28-year-old artist and designer currently living in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Like many other collagist, he has multiple different styled series done and originally we meant to showcase you his works in generally but… When we’re going thru his works, now introduced the Vessels -series really caught our attention and we decided to focus on this an amazing abstract series. These fantastically crafted ensembles are full of interesting details hidden somewhere in the beautifully coloured, wild, puzzle. Each time you marvel them, you find new things and meanings in them which might flip the table completely around. Very nice.

He says that making collages by hand with razors and glue helps him to structure his creative process. He continues that he’s forced to find new colors and textures and the physicality of the work informs how he approaches each shape, each blank page. He is drawn to the handmade process of manipulating material with hands – wood, stone, metal, and clay but he uses a flat representations of them.

Check out his portfolio for more at www.jsamels.com