André Sanchez: Vanitas









André Sanchez, Vanitas -series.

This time we showcase you a beautiful illustration series, Vanitas, created by Paris, France based illustrator & photographist André Sanchez. In his works he mixes boldly photography and graphic elements, mainly typography, engraving or scanned materials. He works on a range of commercial commissions and projects in the publishing, editorial, fashion, music and advertising and was recently named among the 200 best worldwide illustrators by the Luerzer Archive magazine.

Vanitas: allegory of death, the passage of time, the vacuity of passions and human activities

Our model of consumer society is in crisis and the images of Vanity are a the warning message, as the symbol of too big attachment to consumer goods, the artist states. This mode of representations that brings us back to our future dead status took its name from Solomon’s quotation, Ecclesiastes: “Vanity of vanities, all is vanities.”

The Vanitas -series consists of powerful photos of colourful and heavily ornamented skulls with Christian imagery and traditional elements of the vanities paintings of the 16th century: Butterflies, flowers, symbols of passing time and resurrection. The outcome is vibrantly strong. Each entirety looks like customization between transgression and luxury and they breath certain an ostentatious and pictorial tension which reflects brilliantly the caricature of our society.

You should definitely check out his portfolio at for more stunning works.