Skating quantum leap

This is just so cool… Physics Girl aka Dianna Cowern gets together with the skateboarder Rodney Mullen to talk about the unusual physics behind skateboarding. Physics Girl is a channel created by Dianna Cowern about physics, astronomy and science-related topics. The show features fun DIY demos, unusual and cutting-edge research, space, and expert interviews!

As an old skater boy I’m always down for good skateboarding, specially street skateboarding. So this time we get to see the tricks done by T-H-E Rodney “Godfather of Street Skateboarding” Mullen and then hear how the tricks and the physics behind them open up by someone who really  knows her stuff. And then as a cherry on the top – the tricks are filmed with a phantom high speed camera at 1000fps, Rodneys foot work and body control are so out of this world!

Via Shock Mansion