Interview: SaintGeorge1895

First the basic introduction – can you tell us who are you, where are you coming from and what are you doing?

I’m 33 and from Milano, Italy. In 1985 I fall in love with art, my father was an art director and I used to spend lot of time looking at him while he was designing. It was the time when layouts were handmade. I studied architecture and landscape architecture but today I’m the creative director for an ADV agency.

You use a lot of human body cut and floral imagery in your works, how would you describe your style?

I love sacred art, victorian illustration, scientific drawings (both botanical and anatomical), medieval art and Renaissance.
My style? I think that is not a style, is just a way to mix colors, shapes and proportions. I think my kind of work is more an exhibition set up, I look at myself like a curator, not like an artist. Maybe a chic burglar that offers sacred contemporary visions of nothing. I’m pretty fast, I have stored in my mind a lot of names, artworks, books titles and I can easily choose from them.

When you begin to work a new piece, do you have a clear vision what you are going to do or where to start?

I think that who hasn’t worked on the piece could have the honor to have a clear vision of the artwork. A father never have a clear vision of his teaching, some lessons are better than others, some lessons are effective than others and just the people who meet the boy could tell if him is well educated.
So, I know what I would love to do, but I do not know what will be the final result. I let people read the piece.

How critical you are? How easy or hard is to you to finish your collage? Do you finish your pieces in one sessions or do they take more time?

I’m very critical, sometimes happens that I delete a finished work just because I do not trust ”him” – Too fake, too easy, too forced, too full of meaning, too funny, too much…

How hard is to stop having sex? A lot, but your body will decide when is over. So my eyes and my aesthetics decide for me when is enough and the cut and paste process starting became violence instead of love.

I really love to finish my works in one session. When I’m working on a new piece I can’t wait too see it finished. You know, like a first date… A blind date. And if the piece disappoints me… I will never meet him for a second drink. So, it’s important to me that the process will be as short and as quick as possible. I want to reduce the distance between idea and execution, between mind and hands.

Which one of your works presents you the most?

We are collages. Collages of emotions, meat, blood, and other splatter stuff. We are collages of experience, suggestions and sensations. Every collage is part of me and my life, there’s no one in particular.
My archive is me.

If you compare your first work and the latest one, how much your works and techniques have developed in your own mind?

A lot. Study and exercise are the only way to improve techniques and aesthetics. Never give up is a mantra. Like Jagger sing: ‘cause I try and I try, and iI try, and I try….

What are your favorite source materials? How do you find them and do you spend much time while looking for them?

“The chase” is the best part. Web, old books, prints, paintings, ancient sacred art are the best source. Our past is the best source. I spend more time re-searching than working on the composition.

What your art and collaging means to you?

Therapy? A sort of lucid dream that connect me to a pagan god? A compulsive search of what we are? Maybe my “art” is just a bunch of Instagram likes.

What drives you forward as an artist?

The pleasure. The satisfaction. The search of a new aesthetic standard. Nothing philosophical, mean physical pleasure, physical satisfaction… After all, I work with bodies, nature, and animals.

If you should describe your art with one word, what would it be?


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