Die Antwoord – Baita Jou Sabela 

Die Antwoord feat. Slagysta – Baita Jou Sabela 

The South African based rap-rave duo Ninja and Yo-Landi aka Die Antwoord have teamed up with their fellow countryman Slagysta for the fresh banger ‘Baita Jou Sabela’. I’ve always loved Die Antwoord’s videos and as a matter of fact, the whole visual side was the first thing that caught my attention. 

Like said, their videos are always something else and yet this time the output isn’t so dark, twisted and generally f#d up like some of their previous creations, it’s still all good and very Die Antwoordy. Directed by Ninja himself, the video takes place in a grimy prison environment where dudes spend their days (and lives) in a crowded cell doing prison-stuff while the diamond queen Yo-Landi being a cool as hell in a Lambo and bribing the guard.