This time Toombes would love to introduce Annete Sagal, a Ukraine-based creative soul. As a multidisciplinary artist, she’s working in the medium of collage and analog photography, poetry, and lyrics. And then she is digging into the deep end of the collage medium as a collage art historian, she runs and hosts lectures and workshops and she has a key role in putting together collectives and art festivals – She is the founder of Kyiv Collage Collective (@kyivcollage), the first Ukrainian community of collages, and also a co-founder of the CUTOUT COLLAGE ART PROJECT which hosts Contemporary Collage Festival and independent exhibitions as well as maintaining a collage studio space with residency in Kyiv (@cutout.festival).

Her collage artworks are her therapeutic creations – an exploration of the feelings and surroundings done in various techniques. She states to be interested in cooperation with Ukrainian and world cultural institutions as an artist & curator to popularize collage as an inseparable and essential part of art.

Check out her Instagram, @xxthemoment for more!