Stikki Peaches x CDI Furniture

Canadian artist, Stikki Peaches joined forces with CDI Furniture and created stunning a one-of-a-kind collection of majestically dirty, grunge out Chesterfield sofas titled ”Ceci n’est Pas un Divan”. The artist is originally known for his wheatpaste works of famous faces and figurines mixed with collages and distressed finish. His works decorate the streets and locations of the various metropolis across Europe and North America.

Now released collection is created for the launch of Bois & Cuir‘s new furniture store and it includes four classic British style sofas with a small twist. Each sofa is decorated, covered and finished with his signature style grungy chaos – Tunisian tiles attached as a mosaic, metal studs here and there, spray paints, acrylics, etc and still, everything goes perfectly with the classic leather feeling. The artist hand-finishes each piece which makes the creative process lasts eight weeks.

I could fit one of those into our living room…